engagement ring

Blaze of Blue

~ He who returns… a look into the blaze of blue, unspoken. Deep into the core, a heat, never noted. Yet known, amongst the two. One heart, warmer, than ever before, Which grew, two, three, four, then soared. From the billow below, a burst of boundless light. Between, worlds apart, comes compassion, means to heal. […]

Organically Lit

~ Organic in growth, That is key, to both. Enriching the lives of those, Uncovering answers, when queries, are posed. And when, a crevice opens, just a slight, Allow, the richness of others, add to the life,  In light.  ~ Ring Material: sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, liver of sulfur (oxidation)

I’m In Love With a Girl

~ Ring, all rounded, Boundless, him, her, their coo. Growth, of one, Evolving, as two. Uncertainty, and unknown, a passage way through, Will one day unravel, and become, a familiar, virtue. Quiet warmth, will be, the clue, That a lifetime has passed, of admiration, affliction, devotion and will, And that friendship, truth and love, will […]

A Bond

~ Bonded together, a bond of carbon… Atoms that link together, with one another, and others… To form a chain. ~ Designed and fabricated for quite the creative duo, he has an eye for photography, she owns Bears Eat Berries, a design and illustration company that specializes in hand-pressed (yes, an actual letterpress!) paper-goods. Ring […]


  A quantum of faith, Heart is safe. A leap so brave, knowing that love, and life, One mighty wave. This momentous token, Is for one, That will never be broken. ~ Ring Material: 14k white gold, diamond (conflict-free)

Leading Two

With rustic roads in their lives, Two with hearts, that always strive. Creating better and making known, Of which comes from the world’s fibers, together sewn. With vigor and passion in life, And honest moments, that lead to strife. These two that are guided, always close by, They lead one another side, by sigh. Ring […]


~ Views, unknown to most, To appreciations, A toast. Fullest lives lived, Found with a slight rock, Of the sieve. Grains of sand are, Searching to fill and discover, Never, be far. ~ Conceptual Design and Fabrication Sketches of the engagement ring. Prototypes and wax models. In designing their wedding bands, I took into account […]

Love for Life…

  Understood, it was clear, Their love and life, Pure. Ring Material: de-oxidized sterling silver, freshwater pearl (bottom photo is shown with her wedding band, Pure)