Naturally Aglow

necklace/bracelet material: rough diamonds, 14k gold, amethyst, blue zircon. This piece can be adorned as a bracelet or necklace. The bride decided to add the birthstones of her and her husband, as two little “secret” stones in the back. Last photo of the bride on her wedding day is shot by Nessa K Photography. To […]

Cycle Of Golden Light

~ Cycle of… A journey together as friends, best friends golden flicker at twelve and thirteen began, the flame that would last fifty years eternally heard from all around a soothing sound from she long breath, a moment, for thought yet a pulse is not complete without its counter beat committed they are to one […]

Anew Light

~ Mother and daughter sift through a chest that holds mementos of the past soft malleable gold traditional repository of wealth and worth weighed in ceremony given at birth. A vibrant green stone smooth garden grooves captures my mind sends her back in time a child utterly dependent and shy looking to mother in all […]

Bound by Two

This ring was commissioned by a young woman that wanted to give her mom something special, a beautiful piece of jewelry that held strength and elegance. So a custom Bound ring was made and we added an additional white diamond, representing mother and daughter. Ring Material: 14k yellow gold-fill, 18k yellow gold setting, conflict-free white […]

To Make a Gift One’s Own

~ An overwhelming display carried through from chapter to chapter changes of scenery and character Circling back in reflection new angles of perspective appear aspects of Self once far draw near Honoring the Adventurer bravely charting paths dynamic rich and new following her hearts yearning to roads ending and vistas of new beginning Relishing myriad […]

Trails Traverse

    ~ Among the trees lingering lanes love is captured within a seaside breeze. ~ ring material: 14k white and yellow gold, white diamonds from a pre-existing ring


This was no, ordinary ordinance. with clucking all around. Zoning that had no limit, and plenty of ground. Transported from the north, satisfied and reside, in quadrant west. Forging on as is, so long as it’s the best. Open always, in mind, opinion, reported so. Share with this world, truth, only they know. ~ ~ […]

Soulmony of…

~ Quietly one, no two, shall wait. For something may come, open, a gate. A portal alike, known, together, have grown. Liner, line drawn straight, an angle, a creative, wave tangle. A silhouette forms, becomes a solid state, shaped, resinate. Then there is the dusk, without dawn, of which has no song. Light with no […]

A Royal Ring

~ A Royal Ring, for a royal Queen. With much beauty and grace, that one has seen. ~ Ring Material: 14k white and yellow gold, ruby, sapphires