Constant State of Evolution

~ Original Pieces   ~ In using heirloom diamonds and gold pieces from the wearer’s jewelry collection, we were able to create three new diamond rings and two gold bands for a fun and contemporary “mix-n-match” stack of rings. material used: three diamond rings (first image) heirloom diamonds (found in original 3-stone diamond ring above), […]

The Next Chapter

~ This ring, it represents the next chapter of one woman’s life. Not only is this beautiful soul, wife and mother of three beginning a new adventure in China with her family, but also venturing into the world of art and design. The unfurling fern portrays her past and the beauty of her future as […]

Heirloom Pearls

~ necklace and earring material: (necklace) heirloom pearls, white gold and diamond clasp (earrings) pearls, 14k yellow gold ~ sometimes our family heirlooms need a little TLC. These pearls were re-strung and the clasp was situated so that the client can now adorn this set of pearls with the clasp shown from the front, or […]

Naturally Aglow

necklace/bracelet material: rough diamonds, 14k gold, amethyst, blue zircon. This piece can be adorned as a bracelet or necklace. The bride decided to add the birthstones of her and her husband, as two little “secret” stones in the back. Last photo of the bride on her wedding day is shot by Nessa K Photography. To […]

A Familiar Gleam

~ Mineral rich clay pot copper earth beneath the ruby sun above. Silver river line runs through until it reaches the ocean blue. A ripple to waves venture, land to land soft sheen approaches the shore. Distant the grounds yet native it seems from the deep red sun familiar is the gleam. ~ ring material: […]

Woven Together

~ ring material: 14k gold “weave” ring given to the wearer by her husband many years ago, diamonds from her mother’s wedding band (photo above), white diamonds from a pendant given to the wearer by her father-in-law (not in photo)

Blossom Again

~ Fiorire di Nuovo Lives from another time in this world when uncertainty could fester would hinder and rise. Pieces adorned tokens of truth signs that the past life was indeed, theirs before the war torn in two. Flee far flourish abroad leaving behind her world her life her loves. Hope leads lands the heart […]

Anew Light

~ Mother and daughter sift through a chest that holds mementos of the past soft malleable gold traditional repository of wealth and worth weighed in ceremony given at birth. A vibrant green stone smooth garden grooves captures my mind sends her back in time a child utterly dependent and shy looking to mother in all […]