Cycle Of Golden Light

~ Cycle of… A journey together as friends, best friends golden flicker at twelve and thirteen began, the flame that would last fifty years eternally heard from all around a soothing sound from she long breath, a moment, for thought yet a pulse is not complete without its counter beat committed they are to one […]

Anew Light

~ Mother and daughter sift through a chest that holds mementos of the past soft malleable gold traditional repository of wealth and worth weighed in ceremony given at birth. A vibrant green stone smooth garden grooves captures my mind sends her back in time a child utterly dependent and shy looking to mother in all […]

Fresh Beginning

~ “My ring (Fresh Beginning) is both modern and romantic, both traditional and new. It incorporates my family’s faith with a nod to the present… it will be an heirloom for years to come.” – India Olchefske, Chicago, IL ~ (original pendant) ~ Ring Material: 14k yellow gold religious medallion, 14k gold ring


~ This custom piece an original Antum Quislode, a sterling silver pendant that holds the wearer’s wishes, thoughts, prayers and personal affirmations. Hand Fabricated Chain and Pendant: sterling silver, 14k gold