Thoughts, a journey, that begins one, in mind. See, all around, each path, is carved. Depth, not distance, reaching beyond, the two. Aware, of those, with compassion, at heart. Transfer, glorious energy, patience through, to become. Life, shall evolve, found the two, kind-ness. Evidence, emits, off, of their, love. Ring Material: 14k yellow gold, sapphire, […]


Grains, of creative light, inherent within the human heart, concealed by the hardships of life. Struggling, guileless at times, girls and boys, don urban armor, shielding the potential inside. A gift, for the world concealed, still, a parent’s eye can see. Living, with the longing to know; is it only me? A communal question borne, […]

A Royal Ring

~ A Royal Ring, for a royal Queen. With much beauty and grace, that one has seen. ~ Ring Material: 14k white and yellow gold, ruby, sapphires

Finding Center, Amongst Flight

~ From ground, and up, choices, to fill… a cup. A solid hold, to the base, is strong, yet sometimes… has little taste. Now, the time, to make life… less of a rhyme. Timid, by what? not a drop to loose. That cup is full, that center… there is, flight has, begun. No worries, about […]

Nurtured Lives

  ~ Strides to be, the essence to see. The truth as it is told, not with that of a blindfold. Lives become, grow and flourish, with all that the soul needs, to become nourished. ~ Ring Material: 14k white gold, rose-cut yellow diamonds, sapphires