sterling silver

Cycle Of Golden Light

~ Cycle of… A journey together as friends, best friends golden flicker at twelve and thirteen began, the flame that would last fifty years eternally heard from all around a soothing sound from she long breath, a moment, for thought yet a pulse is not complete without its counter beat committed they are to one […]

Union of Earth and Sky

Rejoice in JOY when the unexpected springs forth from desire deflected. Reluctance orbits patience as founded fears slowly unwind transmuting terror to touchstone new hope springing from the vine. Gaze up, out, beyond! Lightwaves ring through the sky. Celestial loadstones faithfully and fearlessly abide edging dark vastness & uncertainty of the past aside. Viewed through […]

Blaze of Blue

~ He who returns… a look into the blaze of blue, unspoken. Deep into the core, a heat, never noted. Yet known, amongst the two. One heart, warmer, than ever before, Which grew, two, three, four, then soared. From the billow below, a burst of boundless light. Between, worlds apart, comes compassion, means to heal. […]

Organically Lit

~ Organic in growth, That is key, to both. Enriching the lives of those, Uncovering answers, when queries, are posed. And when, a crevice opens, just a slight, Allow, the richness of others, add to the life,  In light.  ~ Ring Material: sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, liver of sulfur (oxidation)


~ Views, unknown to most, To appreciations, A toast. Fullest lives lived, Found with a slight rock, Of the sieve. Grains of sand are, Searching to fill and discover, Never, be far. ~ Conceptual Design and Fabrication Sketches of the engagement ring. Prototypes and wax models. In designing their wedding bands, I took into account […]

Love for Life…

  Understood, it was clear, Their love and life, Pure. Ring Material: de-oxidized sterling silver, freshwater pearl (bottom photo is shown with her wedding band, Pure)

A Drop

~ A single drop, became the gesture. Then found in sync, was the true link. ~ Deep, solid, rounded. Traveling amongst. Exploring, a world. Discovered again, the soft, mellow, rich sound. ~ Seen, is a wrinkle, by many. Coldness, given kindness. The crinkle, becomes less. Softens to a ripple. Travels on, going through, Moving to… […]