Naturally Aglow

necklace/bracelet material: rough diamonds, 14k gold, amethyst, blue zircon. This piece can be adorned as a bracelet or necklace. The bride decided to add the birthstones of her and her husband, as two little “secret” stones in the back. Last photo of the bride on her wedding day is shot by Nessa K Photography. To […]

A Familiar Gleam

~ Mineral rich clay pot copper earth beneath the ruby sun above. Silver river line runs through until it reaches the ocean blue. A ripple to waves venture, land to land soft sheen approaches the shore. Distant the grounds yet native it seems from the deep red sun familiar is the gleam. ~ ring material: […]

Woven Together

~ ring material: 14k gold “weave” ring given to the wearer by her husband many years ago, diamonds from her mother’s wedding band (photo above), white diamonds from a pendant given to the wearer by her father-in-law (not in photo)

Trails Traverse

    ~ Among the trees lingering lanes love is captured within a seaside breeze. ~ ring material: 14k white and yellow gold, white diamonds from a pre-existing ring


This was no, ordinary ordinance. with clucking all around. Zoning that had no limit, and plenty of ground. Transported from the north, satisfied and reside, in quadrant west. Forging on as is, so long as it’s the best. Open always, in mind, opinion, reported so. Share with this world, truth, only they know. ~ ~ […]

Replication Reveals

~ Outsiders move among the in of St. Louis in summer’s haze. A spark of eternity catches a circumstantial friends’ gaze. Carefree pursing their own goals and dreams mingling and merging in moments; Love works behind-the-scenes. Raising pups in tandem brought to the fore the values that unite them in a bond of ease. Their […]


Thoughts, a journey, that begins one, in mind. See, all around, each path, is carved. Depth, not distance, reaching beyond, the two. Aware, of those, with compassion, at heart. Transfer, glorious energy, patience through, to become. Life, shall evolve, found the two, kind-ness. Evidence, emits, off, of their, love. Ring Material: 14k yellow gold, sapphire, […]

Organically Lit

~ Organic in growth, That is key, to both. Enriching the lives of those, Uncovering answers, when queries, are posed. And when, a crevice opens, just a slight, Allow, the richness of others, add to the life,  In light.  ~ Ring Material: sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, liver of sulfur (oxidation)

Timeless Dreams

~ This engagement ring was made for a woman with strength, power, wisdom and beauty. For a person where dreams happen, stories are told and memories are made. Ring Material: 14k gold, diamonds, can be worn together or separate.