white gold

A Familiar Gleam

~ Mineral rich clay pot copper earth beneath the ruby sun above. Silver river line runs through until it reaches the ocean blue. A ripple to waves venture, land to land soft sheen approaches the shore. Distant the grounds yet native it seems from the deep red sun familiar is the gleam. ~ ring material: […]

Trails Traverse

    ~ Among the trees lingering lanes love is captured within a seaside breeze. ~ ring material: 14k white and yellow gold, white diamonds from a pre-existing ring


 ~ It’s no secret, it’s no surprise, no “hush hush,” as to how mother became so wise. With years of living life, as it has come, walking to a beat, of a light hum… and to that of a deep, deep drum. Moments full, of little kisses, and of course, a good-night hug, still reading […]

Timeless Dreams

~ This engagement ring was made for a woman with strength, power, wisdom and beauty. For a person where dreams happen, stories are told and memories are made. Ring Material: 14k gold, diamonds, can be worn together or separate.

This Wave

The concrete breaks, green, begins to wake. A pathed cloud dissipates below, a warm sun, begins to glow. Insoluble connections, between two, This wave takes not all, only the lucky few. ~ This custom wedding band was designed so that the wearer’s engagement ring could easily nestle  into one of the many curves found in […]


~ True joy, has not a word, nor a sound, that has been heard. It is, a tiny laugh that rings, the purity, of when a child sings. See, the world now, one, must allow. Happiness, their tiny spirits give, in the heart, they shall always live. Gifts of a flower’s bloom and surrendered snuggles, […]