The Beauty of a Pop-In

Does a ‘Pop-In’ even exist these days?


Perhaps it’s my slightly, we’ll say “one-of-a-kind” family, but growing up in a rather small town (then), pop-ins were what we did, daily. We didn’t call someone before we swung on in; if we wanted to drop-off something or needed to borrow anything, or to simply see someone and say ‘hi’, we popped-in! So what is the beauty of a pop-in? It’s the same type of excitement that we get (or at least I do) when we see someone that we know on the street; isn’t it strange is it that we’re becoming increasingly excited when we have these ‘no-warning’ run-ins? The pop-in is the same, it’s invigorating for both parties to see each other at their natural, no curtains drawn, state… it’s beautiful when this happens. It’s so much more intimate than if you were to prepare and await in anticipation for an arrival. A gap steadily closes with each unannounced pop-in, and there becomes a point where a friend that pops-in, feels more like a member of the family.

The Pop-In package (camel tea-towel, Kind bars and decomposition book), was to be a pre-Halloween, mysterious doorstep surprise from a good friend and her daughters, but it was botched (by me) and ended with uncontrollable laughter between the four of us.

To Popping-In!