The Glance



A glance, changes all.

Past, the future,

once thought,

away they fall.

Twenty-one years, loved,

Encompassed by trust.

Growth, purity and limitless,

be it, it must.

These are the bands of time,

That will.

From fate,

line by line.


This ring was incredibly special and quite the piece to design. The three center gold bands are from the wearer's grandmother and her fiancé's great-grandmother.  The beaded white gold bands were designed to be a type of 'guard rail' ring design, in order to keep the generational rings from hitting on any surfaces, thus protecting them and the many stories that come along... symbolically they also represent the wearer and her husband-to-be.  Three of the white diamonds were used from her mother's original wedding band and the larger center diamond is a conflict free-grey diamond.  The stackable rings look as though they are apart, however they are very much together, forever.

There has been some amazing feedback with this ring, however I must say that my all time favorite has come from her husband-to-be. "She absolutely loves it. So far we've determined it looks beautiful in Wisconsin, in Colorado, skiing, driving, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, reading a book, holding a drink, cutting cabbage, and so on..."

Fast-forward 7 months later and (Congratulations!) it's their wedding; so for that it was his turn. For the same sentimental reasons as the bride's ring, the groom decided to wear his father's original wedding band, however we added a couple of "personal layers." Taking the original ring, a very domed band with hair-thin wisps of yellow gold as the boarders, and turning it into a solid three-band, white gold ring; of which emulates the conceptual design of his wife's ring. Although two, white gold boarder rings were added with squared off edges for a contemporary twist; the center band stayed intact with the original 'x' engraving on the surface (which seen the wrath of time), as well as the interior engraving; father and mother's initials and wedding date. Having the engraving was incredibly important for both the bride and groom, in his ring and hers; of which the tiny engraving inside of the bride's grandmother's three-stone ring wasn't tampered with, and never will be, so the stories continue on forever.


This entry has become richer by the month. In receiving a post-wedding email from my clients, before they jetted off to Thailand for their Honeymoon, they shared with me their wedding photos by Natural Intuition Photography, along with the photographer's Blog. Never reluctant to pass up anything that a client sends my way, it only took a single second with great anticipation to click. Beautifully written, lovely composition in each photo and somehow each one holds both grace and might. The story that is told through the lens... there are no words, only breathtaking photos.


"It all started 21 years ago when they were just 14 years old. They were in and out of each others lives after that. Traveling all over the globe, and even suitcase living for a bit. Wishing, pushing and hoping from their family and friends – their love story just wasn’t over just yet. Until Chris gathered rings from Angela’s 2 Grandmothers, Chris’ Great-Grandmother, his Father, and her Mother, and had them customized by POPPYOR in DC. The rings together add up to over 200 years of happiness, love and marriage!"



ring material: 14k white & yellow gold, white diamonds, grey diamond (hers), 14k white & yellow gold (his)