The One

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

only one creature was stirring, the girl with dirty blonde hair and dark eye like a mouse.

She quietly sits under the tree, with a fire-like glow,

gazing at gifts from the highest, to down low.

Fixated on a package with folds creased so tightly,

she knew that was the one that she needed to unwrap, alone and lightly.

One pleat at a time,

her nimble fingers graced the box, knowing that this act was indeed a small crime.

A surprise it was, as this fifteen-year-old girl found, it was a teddy bear,

but amongst it’s soft fuzzy brown hair, an opening that should appear.

A zip, to un-zip…

she knew, this was a gift that would give her that quivering, upper lip.

A small case inside, but of course,

in awe, pure delight was her reaction, for this a moment of silence and an elegant source.

One gift that is all,

when she went from child to young woman, her stance, pronounced and one more inch tall.

Each year her grandmother gifted a cluster of small diamond lights, for her adorn and brightly shine,

and pave with an unbreakable inner beauty, as her grand-daughter  forges on and creates her own life,

her line.

Star_14k and diamond stud earrings_POPPYOR

These Star diamond studs are inspired by Poppy’s first diamond ring that her grandmother gave to her when she was 15 years old. There on out, every Christmas she received a piece that correlated to the cluster design. This year she brings a star-cluster to all, for one to give the gift of light and for others to brightly shine.


material: 14k white gold, white conflict-free diamonds