The Ruby Cloak


ย ~

Laced together, with the love from two,

It was your genuine character, that made you a โ€œwho.โ€

Launched from a rubber colored sling, shot

Into the open wide sky, you have been caught.

Observing life, through those eyes,

Filling that heart, with othersโ€™ cries.

With fine tuned senses, heart open wide,

Allows the strength, to never again hide.

Now coated in armor, with ruby colored goodwill,

Finding calm in oneself, is only the first tall hill.

So take that nested love, that one may receive,

All the compassion, soaked in, after the initial leave.

Soar from the outside in, and finding the strength to lead,

A canvas with colors transparent, like that of the oil, found in a seed.


Ring Material: 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, diamonds, ruby, photo credit: Alyssa Robb