The Waltz

the-waltz_engagement-ring_diamond_palladium_poppyor_custom-jpg the-waltz_wedding-ring_diamond_palladium_poppyor_custom

They trek so high
it takes the body
the mind away
the closer to the top
subconscious, will emerge
no static to be found
pure, connection surrounds
two beings, two bodies, two souls
now, to gather their thoughts
when their hearts already had.
Virtue, US is from where they grew
past roots stowed
faith and balance, experience
is where their shared center will be
never a question
never questioning.
The wind carries them on
a waltz around the world
harmonistic happenings, never cease
step by step
honing down and journeying on
they come across a culture, rich
diverse city where one can live many, a lives
means to compassion, completeness
current adventure, not alone
the future gleams truth
as they live this life
time will, and has shown.



ring material: palladium, tanzanite, white diamonds from a pendant that belonged to the client's grandmother (above), the single solitaire diamond wedding band (3rd image) snuggles right under the engagement ring (2nd image)