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Tumultuous waves,
tides coming in
going out.
Finding a piece,
in stillness.
Time is told,
to be found.
Sun shining light in,
the sky embracing all
that is under.
The ocean’s calm,
all that is
It is only,
one circle
that surrounds.
The moon that will tell
the details
of tribulation.
Sailors will find,
solace in this
eternal navigation.
The two aboard
find quiet
is this love.


After the loss of her husband, the client wanted to continue to adorn the ring he gave her, however she also wanted to make it “different” and imbed their story and love for sailing within the design. So with this, we used a piece of her original gold wedding band (the top) to fabricate the new/additional ‘wave’ ring, and now the two, the past and the present sit together side by side.


Fabrication Process

Fabrication Photos_This World Full_Custom_Wedding Bands_POPPYOR


Ring Material: 18k yellow gold (original wedding ring), 18k yellow gold (material from cut pieces of original wedding band and additional 18k yellow gold wire), black coral (originally from a pendant found on an island in the Caribbean) and Larimar stone from the couple’s sailboat travels in the Caribbean.