To Make a Gift One’s Own

To Make a Gift One's Own_Earrings_HeirloomEvolution.2


An overwhelming display
carried through
from chapter to chapter
changes of scenery and character

Circling back in reflection
new angles of perspective appear
aspects of Self once far draw near

Honoring the Adventurer
bravely charting paths
dynamic rich and new
following her hearts yearning
to roads ending and
vistas of new beginning

Relishing myriad stages of life
experiences and encounters
that fuel and alight
inner insights of enlightening delight

In time these pedals find their place
Re-designed to frame a blossoming face



To Make a Gift One's Own_Earrings_HeirloomEvolution.Prelim. Sketch & Original Ring

To Make a Gift One's Own_Earrings_HeirloomEvolution.Sketches

To Make a Gift One's Own_Earrings_HeirloomEvolution.Sketch 2

Sketches to show the evolution of the wearer’s cocktail ring.


Earring Material: vintage blue sapphire, white diamond and 14k white gold cocktail ring ~ The owner of this ring wished to wear pair of evening earrings evolved (materials used) from her original ring.

Poem by Jessica Epperson-Lusty