It’s always halfway through summer, or mid-July when I realize the tranquility that summer can bring about. Yesterday was that day, when I exhaled and realized, “ahhhhh- it’s summer.”


Normally I’m zipping through the streets of DC on my two-wheeled mode of transportation, I ride strictly to get from point A to Z. Yet yesterday as I rode down into Georgetown to our local watering hole, I peddled for the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Drenched from the scorching sun, I could feel the brisk breeze becoming a source to lull my overworked limbs, cooling my core and softening my mind. As I biked, I thought about how there is nothing more satisfying than the simple act of exerting the mind and body, and then in a single moment allowing it all to neutralize. After years of speeding through avenues, I have finally realized that there is something incredibly soothing with the contrast of coasting after a rush of acceleration. So as we continue down the road of repose (July’s theme), this week we’ll touch upon the simplicities of summer and finding those places, spaces and moments, of tranquility.

Jordan Cooper_Floating Dock~

Clock found at Jean-Pierre Antiques in Georgetown, DC

Illustration “Floating Dock” by Jordan Cooper