Truth and Hope

Custom Wedding Rings_Truth and Hope_Hers_POPPYOR

Custom Wedding Rings_Truth and Hope_His_POPPYOR


Structure, sound, deep, under- stand together, stories have built- in, a vessel, for voyage, to create, relate- shun, never aboard this ship.

Seen, through this scope, my, is mac- rows, of form- becomes, circ- grain, un- dulate, artic- You, me- elation of all, times.

Commune- city, with pasts, known and be- for the unknown, to see, others, fill- in the space between.

With virtue- us, possibilities, two, passions from, coeurs, to fill with care- full, nourish- meant, to be led, by truth and hope.



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ring material: palladium, conflict-free white diamonds (hers), grey diamonds (his)

wedding day photographs by Kara Brodgesell.