Two Leap

custom engagement ring

Two Leap_Anniversary_Ring_His_Yellow gold_sapphire_diamonds_POPPY


A cord is struck,

the heart warms,

a fire’s luck.

Grounded from the earth,

a marriage born, a boat set,

sailing from bay, a berth.

Brush of silver, line by line,

creating a life, a world,

of their kind.

Wind and whispers,

water whirls,


A rush from one,

a lull from the other,

like fire, from the soothing sun.

Two leap,

little lights shimmer, always,



Two Leap_Anniversary Bands_POPPY Custom



Ring Material: 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, sapphire, white diamond (hers, top), 14k yellow gold, diamonds, sapphire (his)