Using Affirmations as you Adorn Yourself

Using Affirmations as you Adorn Yourself

Using affirmations in your daily life is key to actualize your aspirations. One of the primary motivations for creating Heorth was to explore how to use the the material of our lives to affirm who we are and what we desire to create of our lives.

In our exploration we realized how important it is to be able to weave mindful moments into our daily round. We realize that adorning with affirmation can be a potent practice for intentional living, which is why this practice is at the heart of our Heorth.

Using Affirmations with Adornments with Symbolic Meaning

Because using affirmations goes hand in hand with cultivating particular characteristics and attributes that support them, our designs are created to evoke particulate qualities. We draw upon universal symbolism to craft designs that hold particular attributes and qualities.

The Bound collection, for example, reflects our choice to either spin in a sense of being “bound by circumstances” or spring forward into the new growth we are “bound for” by seeing beyond what feels limiting to what is possible.

Using Affirmations as you Adorn Yourself

Using affirmations imbues your adornments with the power to orient you throughout the day to what it is that you intend. Adorn & Affirm is a simple, yet empowering strategy to weave empowering affirmations in your daily routine.

We offer the Adorn & Affirm practice as a potent and simple way to make your adornments touchstones of intention that remind you when you glaze down at them, feel them on your skin, hear them lightly jingle as you move through your day.

Using Affirmations in our Adorn & Affirm Practice

1. Select an adornment with clear symbolic relationship with the question, intention or affirmation you wish to actively engage. Click here for a reference to attributes associated with the pieces in our collections.

2. Craft a clear, precise affirmation or intention that will be linked to this adornment.

3. In a reflective surface look yourself in the eyes, hold the adornment and speak the affirmation associated with the piece out loud.

4. Each time you adorn yourself breathe deeply feeling the intention of the affirmation permeate your mind, body and psyche.

5. Throughout the day or evening, when you catch a glimpse of the piece in the mirror, feel the weight of it on your skin or the surface brush against your hair, take a deep breath state the affirmation within.

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