Intuition & Emotion

"I gain insight by being attuned to my emotions & intuition"

The majority of our body and the Earth’s body is comprised of water.

Water flows through us, holds us, replenishes us, renews us and moves us.

Rising from wellsprings it emerges as curative waters, just as tears flowing from our eyes bring emotional release.

Water symbolizes the flow of feeling as it rises within us and connects us to some and repels us from others.

The ocean represent the depth of the subconscious that functions as a storehouse of emotions that have not been processed, yet drive us and stagnate us in ways that we may not consciously understand, but experience very powerfully.

The rivers symbolize the crossing over to the unconscious to explore what we need to feel and process in order to move forward in our lives to new territory.

Walking into the river, we wash away the days dirt and the sins of the past.

Diving into the inner depths we recover lost aspects of ourselves.

Drawing from wellspring we quench our thirst and drink in inspiration.

Gazing into the still surface of the lake we see reflected who we are becoming.

Taking the waters from mineral rich springs we cure what ails us.

Many of us were brought up in homes where tears were looked down upon and feelings were repressed our denied.

Reclaiming our tears as sacred, allowing ourselves to grieve and processing emotional material is essential to healing and learning through life's challenges and triumphs.

Emotional intelligence is a key to our the health and wellbeing of our bodies, minds and souls.

We chose to explore the four Elements as a foundational Heorth collection because understanding this symbolism and thinking elementally can support the practical realization of the lives we intend.

When you purchase an adornment from the Water collection our Adorn with Intention guided meditation will be sent to your inbox. Using it to explore the symbolism of Water, you will create a personal intention to connect to your chosen adornment. Your piece becomes a touchstone to remind you to process feelings and emotions mindfully to align with your intuitive wisdom.

In our journal, on social media and through our Adorn with Intention practices we will share our explorations of how we and you can work with the many meanings of Water to explore how to process our feelings mindfully, cultivate emotional intelligence and attune to our intuitive insight.

We hope you will be inspired and enhanced by sharing this journey of exploration with us here and on Social Media.

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