What are you Bound for in this life?

“Bound” 7 Strand Oxidized Sterling Silver Wrap Ring (optional diamond)

It’s so easy to spin in the circuitous circuitry of thinking.

In some moments we feel boundless. We sense we are bound for love, glory, peace, prosperity…

In others we feel bound by the limitations of our body, our family of origin, our circumstances, our thinking…

The key to creating the life we envision in those moments when our spirit lights up with a hopeful sense of what we could be bound for in this lifetime turns on perspective.

The Bound design is a touchstone to remind us of the circuitous nature of our feelings and thinking.

Glancing down at this piece on our fingers, we remember to be mindful of which perspective we are orienting towards in any given moment.

Bound is an invitation to turn our energy toward the perspective that fuels us and moves us in the direction of our dreams.

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