Why Heorth?

Stories are Told and Life Designs Unfold at the Heorth

It’s everything that POPPYOR was. However with the this evolution it’s a chance for us to shine a spotlight on our original and continuous vision, the importance of story sharing, diving within to unearth the potential that lies in each of us and adorning one’s self with intention.
A Heorth is any space where you drop into story sharing, soul connecting, dream weaving and meaning making.

Many conversations around the Heorth give rise to our shared vision to create a line of adornments that engage the power of intention to create the stories of our lives.

In our contemporary world it is easy to get swept up in the momentum of the collective and loose sight of who we are and what we desire to create with our “one wild and precious life”.

How can we remember every day that we are actively creating a life story?
How do we remember that our given family and basic circumstance are the material we were given to shape into our story?

Heorth… Adorn with Intention is an invitation to take pause to remember.

We invite you to gather around our Heorth by following and interacting with our posts and communications to take a moment for inspiration and reflection.
Each time you do you will build your capacity to orient toward your creative power. You will learn something and be stimulated to consider how the concepts behind our designs can inspire and empower you to be more creatively engaged in your life.
We hope you allow the adornment you choose to remind you to create Heorth spaces in your day to share from your heart and to hold space for others to share what is in theirs.

Photo by Leslie Mansour

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