Shell and bone_necklace_sketch

Jewelry, one would think,
is something quite fun, so chic.
For another, it may be a statement,
to bring interest,
to peak.

When, way back,
inhabitants of, now African land.
Used shells, bone, stone and wood,
fastened, around,
or in a travel pack.

Adorned these items were,
until they returned.
The travelers told stories,
from an encounter with one,
to the lionessโ€™ deep, maternal purr.


Jewelry was to tell,
a story, only that.
It went from tales,
to attire, Grecian robes,
would have, it sell.


Although, not all that was adorned,
would be so utilitarian.
Earrings hung, jewelry strung,
around, without,
one received scorn.

Worn in renaissance, from head, to rings,
jewels, found their way in.
As this was the jewel age,
worn by nobles,
adorned by kings.

A protection it was of,
family, of wealth.
To wear, status,
and above.

Jewel Age_Ring_Sketch

A mixture,
is what jewelry is now.
we are, family,
a fixture.

Stories, a suture of such, sell,
jewelry is who, of what, where and when.
Yet it is only the individual that will know,
the stories behind,
that they feel, to tell.

Many reasons, why,
theses, a few.
My reason,
this jewelry-love,
for itโ€™s always, the family glue.


poem & illustrations by pc